Table Name:case
Table Number:0
Description:Main case object, contains details of service call information
Field NameCommon TypeDatabase TypeGeneric Field IDArray SizeDefaultFlagsCommentField Used in Views
alt_addressCHARvarchar 200  Alternate site address. Reserved; custom  
alt_cityCHARvarchar 30  Alternate site city. Reserved; custom  
alt_e_mailCHARvarchar 80  Alternate contact email address. Reserved; custom  
alt_fax_numberCHARvarchar 20  Alternate contact fax number. Reserved; custom  
alt_first_nameCHARvarchar 30  Alternate contact first name. Reserved; custom  
alt_last_nameCHARvarchar 30  Alternate contact last name. Reserved; custom  
alt_phoneCHARvarchar 20  Case alternate phone number. Reserved; custom  
alt_phone_numCHARvarchar 20  The alternate phone number for the contact Search (2)
alt_prod_serialCHARvarchar 30  Serial number for alternate product. Reserved; custom  
alt_site_nameCHARvarchar 80  Alternate site name. Reserved; custom  
alt_stateCHARvarchar 30  Alternate site state. Reserved; custom  
alt_zipcodeCHARvarchar 20  Alternate site zip or other postal code. Reserved; custom  
arch_indLONGint   DIRECT, ALLOW_NULL When set to 1, indicates the object is ready for purge/archive  
case_historyCHARtext23  ALLOW_NULL, CHANGE_FIELD, DONT_DISTR_TO_CLIENT, DONT_DISTR_TO_SERVER The multi-line field that contains the history of the case  
case_sup_typeCHARvarchar 2  Level of support customer is eligible for. Reserved; not used  
case_type_lvl1CHARvarchar 40  Multi-level case type - level1. This is a user-defined popup  
case_type_lvl2CHARvarchar 40  Multi-level case type - level2. This is a user-defined popup  
case_type_lvl3CHARvarchar 40  Multi-level case type - level3. This is a user-defined popup  
cclist1CHARvarchar44255  Recipient on carbon copy list 1 Search (1)
cclist2CHARvarchar45255  Recipient on carbon copy list 2 Search (1)
creation_timeCLK_TIMEdatetime1   The date and time the case was created Search (21)
cure_codeCHARvarchar 10  Problem cure code. Reserved; custom  
customer_codeCHARvarchar 20  Customer classification code. Reserved; custom  
customer_satisLONGint   DIRECT Check indicates a customer satisfaction issue to be reviewed. Reserved; not used  
devLONGint151 DIRECT, ALLOW_NULL Row version number for mobile distribution purposes  
distLONGint   DIRECT Used by ELINK to indicate extrnal creation source of case Search (1)
DOA_check_boxLONGint   DIRECT Check indicates part was dead on arrival. Reserved; custom  
fcs_cc_notifyLONGint   DIRECT Reserved; not used  
forward_checkLONGint   DIRECT Checked indicates forward operation tried  
hangup_timeCLK_TIMEdatetime    The date and time the initial case phone call was completed; recorded when dispatch or hang up command is executed  
id_numberCHARvarchar4255  Unique case number assigned based on auto-numbering definition Search (40)
internal_caseLONGint   DIRECT Reserved; not used  
is_supercaseLONGtinyint  DIRECT Indicates whether the case is a super or a victim case; i.e., 0=normal or victim case, 1=supercase Search (16)
keywordsCHARvarchar 255  Keywords for the case; used with FTS  
modify_stmpCLK_TIMEdatetime48  CHANGE_DATE The date and time when object was last saved Search (1)
msg_wait_countLONGint   DIRECT Number of IVR messages waiting. Reserved; not used  
objidLONGint3  DIRECT Internal record number Search (68)
oper_systemCHARvarchar 20  Operating system. Reserved; not used  
ownership_stmpCLK_TIMEdatetime47   The date and time when ownership changed; reserved, not used  
payment_methodCHARvarchar 30  Method by which customer will pay for call. Reserved; custom  
phone_numCHARvarchar 20  The primary phone number for the contact; copied from contact object Search (1)
pickup_extCHARvarchar 8  The extension phone number of the employee taking the call which is used for ACD routing of the case information  
prob_ref_arrayARRAY10 DIRECT, BINARY Associated binary array object Search (68)
ref_numberCHARvarchar 80  Reference number; e.g., credit card #, check #, etc.; for payment method. Reserved; custom  
reply_stateLONGint   DIRECT State of customer reply; i.e., 0=no first replay, 1=first reply done. Reserved; not used  
reply_wait_countLONGint   DIRECT Number of IVR messages waiting. Reserved; not used  
server_statusCHARvarchar 2  Call server status. Reserved; custom  
service_idCHARvarchar 30  Service or support ID number. Reserved; not used  
site_timeCLK_TIMEdatetime    Reserved; not used  
support_msgCHARvarchar 80  Details of support coverage. Reserved; not used  
support_typeCHARvarchar 2  Type of support the case site/contact is eligible for. Reserved; custom  
symptom_codeCHARvarchar 10  Problem symptom code. Reserved; not used  
titleCHARvarchar280  Case or service call title; summary of case details Search (30)
topics_titleCHARvarchar 255  Filled in automatically for ESS cases received through ClearServer. Reserved; custom  
warranty_flagCHARvarchar 2  Indicates whether the case subject is covered under warranty. Reserved; custom  
yank_flagLONGint   DIRECT Reserved; not used  
RelationTypeTarget ObjectInverse RelationCommentFlagsMTM TableUsed in ViewsSet NameType ID Stored inObjid Stored In
 Exclusive Set Relations
case_acd2acd_callOTMacd_callacd_call_case2caseACD info; if case came through ACD       
case_act2act_entryOTMact_entryact_entry2caseActivity log entries for the case       
case2addressMTOaddressaddress2caseReporting site address   Search (3)   
case2apptOTMappointmentappt2caseAppointment record of installed part service interuption       
case2blg_argmntMTOblg_argmntblg_argmnt2caseBilling arrangement used by a case   Search (1)   
role_for2cas_cas_roleOTMcas_cas_rolerole_for2caseRoles received from other cases       
player2cas_cas_roleOTMcas_cas_roleplayer2caseRoles played for other cases       
super2caseOTMcasecase_victim2caseOther cases belonging to the case       
case_victim2caseMTOcasesuper2caseSuper case owner of the case   Search (6)   
last_close2close_caseOTOFclose_caselast_close2caseLast close case object related to the case       
case_cmit2commit_logOTMcommit_logcase_commit2caseCommitments for the case       
case_state2conditionOTOPconditioncase_condition2caseThe condition of the case   Search (31)   
case_reporter2contactMTOcontactcaller2caseReporting customer contact for the case   Search (30)   
alt_contact2contactMTOcontactcase_alt_contact2caseAlternate contact for the case   Search (1)   
entitle2contr_itmMTOcontr_itmentitle2caseContract item that entitles service       
case2orderMTOcontractorder2caseOrder related to the case       
entitlement2contractMTOcontractcontract2caseContract for part that caller is reporting   Search (2)   
caseinfo2demand_hdrOTMdemand_hdrcaseinfo2casePart request headers generated for the case       
case_onsite2disptchfeOTMdisptchfedisptchfe2caseField engineer dispatches related to the case       
case_attch2doc_instOTMdoc_instdoc_inst2caseDocuments related to the case       
case_email2email_logOTMemail_logcase_email2caseEmail logs for the case       
case_empl2employeeMTOemployeecreator2caseEmployee who created the case. Reserved; obsolete   Search (1)   
case_escal2escalationOTMescalationcase_escalate2caseReserved; obsolete       
case2exchangeOTMexchangeexchange2caseExchanges using the case       
case_info2fcs_detailOTMfcs_detailused_by2caseReserved; custom       
case_info2fcs_headerOTMfcs_headerreq_by2caseReserved; custom       
case2fin_accntMTOfin_accntfin_accnt2caseFinancial account used by a case   Search (1)   
calltype2gbst_elmMTOgbst_elmcall_type2caseCall type of case: This is a Clarify-defined pop up list   Search (11)   
respprty2gbst_elmMTOgbst_elmresp_priority2caseResponse priority of case: This is a Clarify-defined pop up list   Search (11)   
respsvrty2gbst_elmMTOgbst_elmresp_severity2caseResponse severity of case: This is a Clarify-defined pop up list   Search (13)   
casests2gbst_elmMTOgbst_elmcase_status2caseCase status: This is a Clarify-defined pop up list   Search (24)   
case2hint_instOTMhint_insthint_info2caseDiagnostic hint instances for the case. Reserved; not used       
case2interactOTMinteractinteract2caseInteractions referencing the case       
case_orig2jobOTMjobjob_result2caseReserved; future       
case2keyphraseMTMkeyphrasekeyphrase2caseKeyphrases related to case part. Reserved; not used  mtm_case37_
case2life_cycleMTOlife_cyclecycle2caseReserved; future       
case_prt2part_infoMTOmod_levelcase_cat_part2caseProblem part revision selected for the case   Search (1)   
de_prt2part_infoMTOmod_levelde_cat_part2caseCatalog (generic) part selection for case (DE) part       
case_view2monitorMTMmonitormonitor2caseReserved; obsolete  mtm_case34_
case_notes2notes_logOTMnotes_logcase_notes2caseCase notes logs       
case_exps2onsite_logOTMonsite_logcase_onsite2caseCase T&E logs       
task2opportunityMTOopportunityopp2caseReserved; future       
case2part_eventMTMpart_eventpart_event2caseThe part events for which the case was opened  mtm_case54_
case2part_usedOTMpart_usedpart_used2casePart used objects created as a result of the case       
case2pay_channelMTOpay_channelpay_channel2casePay channel used by a case   Search (1)   
case_phone2phone_logOTMphone_logcase_phone2caseCase phone logs       
case_logic2prog_logicMTOprog_logicprog_logic2caseInternal logic which determines applicable solution/workaround. Reserved; not used       
case_prevq2queueMTOqueueprevq2caseUsed to record which queue case was accepted from; for temporary accept       
case_currq2queueMTOqueuecurrq2caseThe queue the case is currently dispatched to   Search (10)   
case2r_rqstOTMr_rqstr_rqst2caseRouting requests for the case    route_for source_type source_lowid 
reason2reject_msgOTOFreject_msgreject_reason2caseReasons for rejecting the case       
case_rsrch2resrch_logOTMresrch_logcase_resrch2caseCase research logs       
case_rip2ripbinMTOripbincase_ripbin2caseReserved; obsolete   Search (1)   
case_info2rpnOTMrpnrpn2case_infoCase information for remote problem notification handler. Reserved       
case2scr_runOTMscr_runscr_run2caseCall scripts run from the case       
case_reporter2siteMTOsitecust_loc2caseReporting customer site   Search (29)   
case_distr2siteMTOsiteseller2caseReseller site related to the case   Search (1)   
covrd_ppi2site_partMTOsite_partselected_prd2caseService-entitled part for case       
case_prod2site_partMTOsite_partsite_part2caseInstalled part the caller is calling about   Search (5)   
case_node2site_partMTOsite_partsitprtnode2caseSystem-level installed part for case       
de_product2site_partMTOsite_partsitprtde2caseInstalled part used for diagnosis       
case2status_chgOTMstatus_chgcase_status_chg2caseStatus changes for the case       
case2subcaseOTMsubcasesubcase2caseSubcases originated from the case       
chk_onhold2svc_intrupOTMsvc_intrupcust_hold_info2caseReserved; obsolete       
case2tagMTMtagtag2case USER_DEFINED mtm_case71_
case2topicOTMtopictopic2caseInteraction topic related to case    interaction_for focus_type focus_lowid 
case2trans_recordOTMtrans_recordtrans_record2caseRelated extract data for the case       
case_owner2userMTOusercurr_owner2caseUser that owns the case   Search (24)   
case_originator2userMTOuseroriginator2caseUser that originated the case   Search (1)   
case_wip2wipbinMTOwipbinwipbin2caseThe WIPbin the case is accepted into   Search (11)   
case_soln2workaroundMTOworkaroundsolution2caseWorkaround that is applicable to the case   Search (6)   
Indexes: (Defined in Clarify Schema)
Index NameFieldsFlags
Indexes (Defined in Database):
Index NameFieldsAdditional Information
case_indexid_numbernonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
co2u0000case_originator2user, case2addressnonclustered located on PRIMARY
cs2w0000case_soln2workaroundnonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_case_creation_timecreation_timenonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_case_currq2queuecase_currq2queue, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_case_owner2usercase_owner2user, case_wip2wipbinnonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_case_prod2site_partcase_prod2site_partnonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_case_reporter2contactcase_reporter2contactnonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_case_reporter2sitecase_reporter2sitenonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_case_state2conditioncase_state2conditionnonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_case_titletitlenonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_case_victim2casecase_victim2casenonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_case_wip2wipbincase_wip2wipbin, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_casests2gbst_elmcasests2gbst_elmnonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_entitle2contr_itmentitle2contr_itmnonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_entitlement2contractentitlement2contractnonclustered located on PRIMARY
objindexobjidclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
Referenced in Views:
View IDView NameTables
37case_alst act_entry, case, gbst_elm, user
56wipelm_case case, condition, gbst_elm, site, user, wipbin, workaround
59queelm_case case, condition, gbst_elm, queue, site, user, workaround
71tr_filter_view address, case, country, site, trans_record
80cas_cmitl case, commit_log, gbst_elm, user
116cls_case_view case, condition, contact, employee, site, user, wipbin
118case2cnvlg act_entry, case, phone_log
119case2rsrch act_entry, case, resrch_log
121case2wip_sub case, condition, subcase, wipbin
122case2wip_dfe case, disptchfe, wipbin
148extactcase case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site
149intactcase case, condition, employee, gbst_elm, site
158case_view case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, user
159monelm_case case, condition, gbst_elm, monitor, user
160subcase_view case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, subcase, user
162dfe_view case, condition, contact, disptchfe, gbst_elm, user
166cls_sub_view case, condition, contact, employee, site, subcase, user, wipbin
167cls_dfe_view case, condition, contact, disptchfe, employee, site, user, wipbin
168num_sub_cls case, condition, subcase
169num_dfe_cls case, condition
171ripelm_case case, ripbin
179case2sub_cls case, close_case, subcase
180case2dfe_cls case, close_case, disptchfe
181case2case_cls case, close_case
182case2rip_sub case, ripbin, subcase
183case2rip_dfe case, disptchfe, ripbin
186acd_case_view case, site, user
189v_cls_case case, condition, contact, site
190v_cls_subc case, condition, contact, site, subcase
191v_cls_dfe case, condition, contact, disptchfe, site
208qry_case_view case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site, user
272list_subcase case, condition, gbst_elm, subcase, user
274list_dfe case, disptchfe
303cas_secure case, contact, contact_role, site
341user_case_load case, condition, gbst_elm, user
358onsite_select case, onsite_log
367case_attch case, doc_inst, doc_path
379case_cmit case, commit_log, contact, user
381wip_element case, condition, demand_dtl, gbst_elm, mod_level, part_num, wipbin
382que_element case, condition, demand_dtl, gbst_elm, mod_level, part_num, queue
391queued_case_dfe case, condition, disptchfe, queue, user
393dfe_case_user case, disptchfe, queue, user, wipbin
4615fc_case_view bus_org, bus_site_role, case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site, user
4619fc_bug_view bug, bus_org, bus_site_role, case, gbst_elm, mod_level, part_num, probdesc, site, workaround
4650fc_user_case_view case, condition, contact, employee, gbst_elm, queue, site, user, wipbin, workaround
4651fc_user_subcase_view case, condition, contact, employee, gbst_elm, queue, site, subcase, user, wipbin
4663tagged_cases case, condition, tag, user
5144victimcase case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site
5145supercasev case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site
5166web_usrcas case, condition, gbst_elm, user
5170qry_scasev case, contact, gbst_elm, site, user
5217ccc_rundsply bug, bus_org, campaign, case, contact, contr_itm, contract, demand_dtl, employee, lead_source, opportunity, probdesc, scr_run, site, site_part, subcase, task
5221sitepartcase case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site_part
5222servicecase case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, prt_prt_role, site_part
5223prodcase case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, prt_prt_role, site_part
5291site2case_view case, site, wipbin
5308case_reject_msg act_entry, case, reject_msg, user
5338case_display case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site
5364subc_alst act_entry, case, gbst_elm, gbst_lst, subcase, user
5462wap_case_info address, case, condition, contact, contract, employee, gbst_elm, queue, site, site_part, user, wipbin
5679subcase_list case, condition, gbst_elm, subcase, user
5680case_list case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site, user
5681prev_case case, condition, gbst_elm, user
5682probdesc2case case, gbst_elm, probdesc, workaround
5688af_case_list case, condition, gbst_elm, user
5731vw_case_billing blg_argmnt, case, condition, contact, fin_accnt, gbst_elm, pay_channel, site
5739case_overview address, case, condition, contact, contact_role, contract, country, gbst_elm, mod_level, queue, site, site_part, user, workaround
5740case_more_info address, case, condition, contact, country, gbst_elm, queue, site, user, wipbin
5741subcase_overview case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, queue, subcase, user, wipbin
5864call_center_interact case, contact, interact, interact_txt, opportunity, user
5868my_cmit case
5987case_cmit2 case, commit_log, contact, user
6018schdl_tracker_sub_v2 address, case, disptchfe, employee, hgsl2hgse, queue, site, user, wipbin
6050onsite_dfe_case case, disptchfe, onsite_log
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