View Name:site_view
View Number:88
Group:Customer Mgr
Description:Selects site details. Used by forms Serviced Sites (8419), Contract <ID> (731), Contract Details (732), Contract Svc (777 and Promote Lead (11601)


View Field NameTable NameField NameCommentGeneric Field Id
objidsiteobjidSite internal record number 3 (UNIQUE)
site_idsitesite_idSite ID number assigned according to auto-numbering definition 
site_namesitenameSite name 
site_typesitetypeSite type 
addressaddressaddressSite address 
cityaddresscitySite city 
stateaddressstateSite state 
country_codecountrycodeSite country code 
site_typestsitesite_typeSite type string 
statussitestatusStatus of site; i.e., active, inactive, obsolete 
bus_org_objidbus_orgobjidBus Org internal record number 
org_idbus_orgorg_idBusiness organization's ID number 
org_namebus_orgnameName of the organization 
org_typebus_orgtypeBusiness type; e.g., competitor, prospect, customer, etc., from a user-defined pop up 
country_namecountrynameName of the site's country 
zipcodeaddresszipcodeSite's zipcode 
country_objidcountryobjidCountry internal record number 
address_objidaddressobjidAddress internal record number 
regionsiteregionRegion to which the site belongs 
districtsitedistrictDistrict to which the site belongs 
address_2addressaddress_2Line 2 of address which typically includes office, building, or suite number, etc 
x_res1sitex_res1Data Restriction field 
x_res2sitex_res2Data Restriction field 
x_res3sitex_res3Data Restriction field 
x_res4sitex_res4Data Restriction field 
x_res5sitex_res5Data Restriction field 
x_no_aliassitex_no_aliasIs this site a no alias one? 
x_objid_mastersitex_objid_masterWhat is the master objid for this alias? 


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