Table Name:contact
Table Number:45
Group:Customer Mgr
Description:Customer contact person, sometimes referred to as 'caller.'
Field NameCommon TypeDatabase TypeGeneric Field IDArray SizeDefaultFlagsCommentField Used in Views
address_1CHARvarchar 200  Reserved; not used  
address_2CHARvarchar 200  Reserved; not used  
alert_indLONGtinyint   DIRECT When set to 1, indicates there is an alert related to the contact Search (3)
arch_indLONGint   DIRECT, ALLOW_NULL When set to 1, indicates the object is ready for purge/archive  
blg_evt_gen_stsLONGint  DIRECT, ALLOW_NULL Billing event status;0=No event necessary or event already sent, 1=create event pending, 2=update event pending;Default=0  
cityCHARvarchar 30  Reserved; not used  
countryCHARvarchar 40  Reserved; not used  
devLONGint151 DIRECT, ALLOW_NULL Row version number for mobile distribution purposes  
e_mailCHARvarchar 80  Contact's primary e-mail address Search (23)
expertise_levLONGint   DIRECT Contact's expertise level. Static list; i.e., Beginner, Novice, Average, Expert Search (3)
fax_numberCHARvarchar 20  Contact's fax number which includes area code, number, and extension Search (10)
first_nameCHARvarchar1530  Contact's first name Search (99)
hoursCHARvarchar 30  Contact's business working hours Search (3)
last_nameCHARvarchar1430  Contact's last name Search (99)
mail_stopCHARvarchar 30  Contact's internal company mail stop/location/building Search (3)
main_rsrcCHARvarchar 40 ALLOW_NULL Could be the cell phone number or the internet user id   
mdbkCHARvarchar2580  Reserved; custom  
mobile_phoneCHARvarchar 20 ALLOW_NULL Contact's mobile phone number which includes area code, number, and extension Search (3)
objidLONGint3  DIRECT Internal record number Search (88)
phoneCHARvarchar 20  Contact's phone number which includes area code, number, and extension Search (48)
salutationCHARvarchar 20  A form of address; e.g., Mr., Miss, Mrs Search (7)
stateCHARvarchar 40  Reserved; not used  
state_codeLONGint26  DIRECT Reserved; not used  
state_valueCHARvarchar2720  Reserved; not used  
statusLONGint  DIRECT Status of contact; i.e., active/inactive/obsolete Search (11)
titleCHARvarchar 30  Contact's professional title Search (20)
update_stampCLK_TIMEdatetime46  ALLOW_NULL Date/time of last update to the contact Search (1)
x_marked_byLONGint   USER_DEFINED Which user (objid) marked this alias?  
x_no_aliasLONGint   USER_DEFINED If set to 1, this contact cannot become an alias. If set to 0 (default), it can. Search (1)
x_objid_masterLONGint   USER_DEFINED Objid of master contact for this contact. Indicates that this contact is an alias for the master contact. Search (1)
x_web_show_casesLONGint   USER_DEFINED Allow Web Case Viewing  
zipcodeCHARvarchar 20  Reserved; not used  
RelationTypeTarget ObjectInverse RelationCommentFlagsMTM TableUsed in ViewsSet NameType ID Stored inObjid Stored In
 Exclusive Set Relations
contact2act_entryOTMact_entryact_entry2contactActivity log entries for contact maintenance       
contact2alertOTMalertalert2contactAlerts about the contact       
contact2ana_scoreOTMana_scoreana_score2contactScore for contact    score_for key_type key_objid 
contact2ana_score_aOTMana_score_aana_score_a2contactScore for contact    score_for key_type key_objid 
contact2ana_score_bOTMana_score_bana_score_b2contactScore for contact    score_for key_type key_objid 
contact2campaignMTMcampaigncampaign2contactCampaigns related to the contact. Reserved; obsolete see con_lsc_role  mtm_contact17_
case_alt_contact2caseOTMcasealt_contact2contactCases for which the contact is the alternate contact       
caller2caseOTMcasecase_reporter2contactCases for which the contact is the primary contact       
caller2commit_logOTMcommit_logcommit_cust2contactRelated commitment logs       
contact2con_blg_argmnt_roleOTMcon_blg_argmnt_rolecon_role2contactBilling arrangement roles for the contact       
contact2con_csc_roleOTMcon_csc_rolecsc_role2contactContract schedule roles for the contact       
contact2con_fin_accnt_roleOTMcon_fin_accnt_rolecon_accnt_role2contactFinancial account roles for the contact       
contact2con_lsc_roleOTMcon_lsc_rolecon_lsc2contactLead source roles for the contact       
contact2con_opp_roleOTMcon_opp_roleopp_role2contactOpportunity roles for the contact       
contact2con_pc_roleOTMcon_pc_rolecon_pc_role2contactPay channel roles for contact       
contact2con_ppb_roleOTMcon_ppb_rolecon_ppb_role2contactPre-paid buckets for the contact       
contact2con_pym_roleOTMcon_pym_rolecn_pm_role2contactPay_means roles for the contact       
parent2con_rol_itmOTMcon_rol_itmparent2contactRelated parent rollup items       
child2con_rol_itmOTMcon_rol_itmchild2contactRelated child rollup items       
contact2con_sp_roleOTMcon_sp_rolecon_sp_role2contactInstalled part roles for contact       
contact2aliasOTMcontactalias2contact USER_DEFINED      
alias2contactMTOcontactcontact2alias USER_DEFINED      
contact2contact_roleOTMcontact_rolecontact_role2contactRoles of the contact at customer sites       
caller2contractMTMcontractcontract2contactContracts related to the contact  mtm_contact2_
primary2contractOTMcontractprimary2contactDeals for which the contact is primary       
contact2ct_bus_roleOTMct_bus_rolect_bus_role2contactBusiness organization roles for the contact       
contact2demand_hdrOTMdemand_hdrattention2contactDemand headers related to the contact       
contact2doc_instOTMdoc_instdoc_inst2contactAttachments for the contact. Reserved; future       
contact2dt_searchOTMdt_searchdt_search2contact USER_DEFINED      
contact2dt_web_logOTMdt_web_logdt_web_log2contact USER_DEFINED      
contact2e_addrOTMe_addreaddr2contactElectronic addresses for the contact       
contact2email_logOTMemail_logcont_email2contactEmail log entries for the contact       
contact2employeeOTOFemployeeemployee2contactFor contacts who are also employees, the related employee object. Reserved; not used       
contact2exc_con_roleOTMexc_con_roleexc_con_role2contactExchange roles for the contact       
contact2fr_agr_con_roleOTMfr_agr_con_rolefr_agr_con_role2contactFramework agreement roles for contact       
contact2interactOTMinteractinteract2contactRelated interactions       
contact2intrxnOTMintrxnintrxn2contactInteraction with a contact       
contact2lst_con_roleOTMlst_con_rolelist_role2contactMailing list roles for the contact. Reserved; obsolete       
contact2notes_logOTMnotes_lognotes_log2contact USER_DEFINED      
contact2order_actionOTMorder_actionorder_action2contactOrder action affecting the contact. Here contact that is user of service to be provided       
contact2personOTOFpersonperson2contactRelated person object       
caller2phone_logOTMphone_logphone_custmr2contactPhone logs related to the contact       
contact2preferenceOTMpreferencepref2contactPreference of the contact    owned_by source_type source_lowid 
contact2probdescOTMprobdescprobdesc2contactRelate contact to favorite solutions. USER_DEFINED      
contact2proc_instOTMproc_instproc_inst2contactFor this process/script run contacted this contact       
contact2quick_quoteOTMquick_quoteq_quote2contactQuick quotes for the contact       
contact2r_rqstOTMr_rqstr_rqst2contactRounting requests for which the contact is the subject    route_for source_type source_lowid 
r_contact2r_rqstOTMr_rqstr_contact2contactRouting requests for which the contact is the contact person       
contact2scr_runOTMscr_runscr_run2contactCall script runs involving the contact       
contact_cc2siteMTMsitesite2cc_contactContacts who will be automatically CC-ed on email logs for cases and subcases for this site. USER_DEFINED mtm_contact50_
contact2site_partMTMsite_partsite_part2contactParts for which the person is a contact  mtm_site_part22_
primary_contact2taskOTMtasktask2contactTasks related to the contact       
caller2userOTOPuseremployees2contactIf contact is also a user, this is their user (logon) information; contact user information is indicated on Submitter form   Search (8)   
contact2user_touchOTMuser_touchuser_touch2contactLast user touches for the contact    touched_by source_type source_lowid 
contact2web_userOTMweb_userweb_user2contactWebSupport user for this contact       
Indexes: (Defined in Clarify Schema)
Index NameFieldsFlags
Indexes (Defined in Database):
Index NameFieldsAdditional Information
alias_c_indexalias2contactnonclustered located on PRIMARY
e0045e_mailnonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_alert_indalert_indnonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_caller2usercaller2usernonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_contact_citycitynonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_contact_first_namefirst_name, last_namenonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_contact_last_namelast_name, first_namenonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_phonephonenonclustered located on PRIMARY
objindexobjidclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
Referenced in Views:
View IDView NameTables
104contr_to_cont contact, contract, site
106alert2objects alert, contact, contract, site, user
116cls_case_view case, condition, contact, employee, site, user, wipbin
148extactcase case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site
158case_view case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, user
160subcase_view case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, subcase, user
162dfe_view case, condition, contact, disptchfe, gbst_elm, user
166cls_sub_view case, condition, contact, employee, site, subcase, user, wipbin
167cls_dfe_view case, condition, contact, disptchfe, employee, site, user, wipbin
189v_cls_case case, condition, contact, site
190v_cls_subc case, condition, contact, site, subcase
191v_cls_dfe case, condition, contact, disptchfe, site
208qry_case_view case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site, user
248qry_subcase_view condition, contact, gbst_elm, site, subcase, user
289rol_contct address, bus_org, contact, contact_role, country, site, time_zone
303cas_secure case, contact, contact_role, site
371rc_contact contact, rc_config, user
372cont_user contact, user
378subc_lst condition, contact, subcase, user
379case_cmit case, commit_log, contact, user
380subc_cmit commit_log, contact, subcase, user
4608interact_site contact, interact, site
4615fc_case_view bus_org, bus_site_role, case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site, user
4627fc_quote_view bus_org, contact, contract, currency, gbst_elm, user
4631fc_cm_contact contact, contact_role, contract, site
4650fc_user_case_view case, condition, contact, employee, gbst_elm, queue, site, user, wipbin, workaround
4651fc_user_subcase_view case, condition, contact, employee, gbst_elm, queue, site, subcase, user, wipbin
4757dt_contact_view contact
5050qry_ccn_hdr_view bus_org, condition, contact, contract, gbst_elm, user
5070contact_alst act_entry, contact, gbst_elm, user
5074qq_con_site contact, contact_role, quick_quote, site
5077task_con bus_org, condition, contact, gbst_elm, opportunity, task, user
5095con_opp_view con_opp_role, contact, currency, cycle_stage, opportunity, user
5144victimcase case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site
5145supercasev case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site
5163contact_quote_v contact, contract
5164web_cntlst contact, web_user
5170qry_scasev case, contact, gbst_elm, site, user
5187task_preview cls_factory, condition, contact, gbst_elm, task, user
5188sched_con_rol con_csc_role, contact, contr_schedule
5192contrconpart contact, contr_itm, contract, part_num
5193contrconsite address, contact, contact_role, contract, country, site
5201rol_cntrct con_csc_role, contact, contr_schedule, contract
5217ccc_rundsply bug, bus_org, campaign, case, contact, contr_itm, contract, demand_dtl, employee, lead_source, opportunity, probdesc, scr_run, site, site_part, subcase, task
5221sitepartcase case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site_part
5222servicecase case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, prt_prt_role, site_part
5223prodcase case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, prt_prt_role, site_part
5232ai2oltsk_apt condition, contact, gbst_elm, task, task_desc, user
5234subc2oltsk contact, gbst_elm, subcase, user
5235cmit2oltsk commit_log, contact, user
5323con_lsc_view con_lsc_role, contact, lead_source
5338case_display case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site
5343sfa_quote_v bus_org, contact, contract, currency, gbst_elm, user
5348sfa_acct_tm bus_org, contact, employee, user, usr_bus_role
5349sfa_terr_tm contact, employee, territory, user, usr_ter_role
5350sfa_opp_tm contact, employee, opportunity, user, usr_opp_role
5351sfa_user_v contact, employee, user
5359sfa_tsk_mto_v bus_org, contact, lead, lit_req, opportunity, task
5372v_e_order condition, contact, contract, gbst_elm
5374cnt_weblst address, contact, contact_role, country, site, web_user
5375cnt_lst address, contact, contact_role, country, site
5395rs_lst contact, r_rqst, rsrc, user
5460ctct_web_acct_vw bus_org, contact, ct_bus_role, web_user
5462wap_case_info address, case, condition, contact, contract, employee, gbst_elm, queue, site, site_part, user, wipbin
5463contact_web address, contact, contact_role, country, site, web_user
5475role_contact address, bus_org, contact, contact_role, country, site
5477page_class_contact contact, page_class, user
5478sales_quote_v bus_org, condition, contact, contract, currency, gbst_elm, opportunity, user
5512cont_user_lookup contact, user
5680case_list case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site, user
5685cm_contact contact, contact_role, contract, site
5715vw_con_site_part con_sp_role, contact, site_part
5716vw_con_fin_accnt con_fin_accnt_role, contact, fin_accnt, fin_accnt_extern
5717vw_con_blg_argmnt blg_argmnt, blg_argmnt_extern, con_blg_argmnt_role, contact
5718vw_con_pay_chnl con_pc_role, contact, pay_channel, pay_chnl_extern
5731vw_case_billing blg_argmnt, case, condition, contact, fin_accnt, gbst_elm, pay_channel, site
5737sit_rol_contact bus_org, contact, contact_role, site
5738sp_rol_site_rol_contact con_sp_role, contact, contact_role, site, site_part
5739case_overview address, case, condition, contact, contact_role, contract, country, gbst_elm, mod_level, queue, site, site_part, user, workaround
5740case_more_info address, case, condition, contact, country, gbst_elm, queue, site, user, wipbin
5741subcase_overview case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, queue, subcase, user, wipbin
5751contact_related_items contact
5783order_list_v bus_org, condition, contact, contract, gbst_elm
5785agr_con_v contact, fr_agr_con_role, fr_agrmnt
5787order_modify_v contact, contract, order_line, part_action, part_num
5789related_contacts_v con_sp_role, contact, site_part
5795site_contact_view address, contact, contact_role, country, site
5796order_shipping_view address, contact, contract, country, order_action, order_shipping, site
5813contact_blg_rel_items contact
5814pm_contact_view con_pym_role, contact, pay_means
5815fin_contact_view con_fin_accnt_role, contact, fin_accnt
5818con_ba_role_view blg_argmnt, bus_org, con_blg_argmnt_role, contact
5821contact_subscription con_sp_role, contact, site_part
5841pay_means_con_v con_pym_role, contact, pay_means
5846contact_interaction channel_inst, contact, intrxn, medium
5847contact_work contact
5849account_interaction bus_org, channel_inst, contact, intrxn, medium
5850fc_rol_contct address, bus_org, contact, contact_role, country, rollup, site
5852edr_cntct_acct bus_org, contact, e_addr
5855con_ppb_role_view con_ppb_role, contact, pp_bucket
5859interaction_overview bus_org, channel, contact, intrxn, medium
5864call_center_interact case, contact, interact, interact_txt, opportunity, user
5870con_sp_role_view con_sp_role, contact, site_part
5871sp_bus_con_view bus_org, con_sp_role, contact, site_part
5955search_intrxn bus_org, contact, intrxn, medium, topic
5984addr_book_contact_vw contact
5987case_cmit2 case, commit_log, contact, user
5988subc_cmit2 commit_log, contact, subcase, user
6030cont_subs_for_sim bus_org, bus_site_role, con_sp_role, contact, site_part
6031sp_orders_v bus_org, condition, contact, contract, gbst_elm, order_action, order_line, site_part
6052v_cls_subc2 contact, site, subcase
6070contact_list address, contact, contact_role, country, site
6073rol_contct_v bus_org, contact, contact_role, site
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