View Name:rol_contct
View Number:289
Group:Customer Mgr
Description:Used by form New Case (411), Previous Cases (412), CCList (414), Part Sel O (415) Case Win (420), Prev Cases (421), Site Contracts (717) and Site More Info (719)


View Field NameTable NameField NameCommentGeneric Field Id
objidcontact_roleobjidContact role internal record number 3 (UNIQUE)
con_objidcontactobjidContact internal record number 
loc_objidsiteobjidSite internal record number 
addr_objidaddressobjidAddress internal record number 
first_namecontactfirst_nameContact first name 15
last_namecontactlast_nameContact last name 14
phonecontactphoneContact phone number which includes area code, number, and extension 
hourscontacthoursContact business working hours 
role_namecontact_rolerole_nameRole name of contact 
primary_sitecontact_roleprimary_siteIndicates the site where the contact is located 
sitesitenameSite name 
site_idsitesite_idSite ID number assigned according to auto-numbering definition 
site_typesitetypeMnemonic representation of the integer site type field 
spec_considsitespec_considCheck box which, when checked, specifies that site information is to be displayed automatically when new case is created 
country_codecountrycodeCountry code used in telephone numbers for that country 
addressaddressaddressLine 1 of address which includes street number, street name, office, building, or suite number, etc 
cityaddresscityThe city for the specified address 
stateaddressstateThe state for the specified address 
countrycountrynameName of the specific country 
zipcodeaddresszipcodeThe zip or other postal code for the specified address 
expertise_levcontactexpertise_levExpertise level of the contact 
fax_numbercontactfax_numberContact fax number which includes area code, number, and extension 
e_mailcontacte_mailContact e-mail address 
mail_stopcontactmail_stopContact internal company mail stop/location/building 
titlecontacttitleContact professional title 
regionsiteregionSite region 
districtsitedistrictSite district 
notessitenotesSite notes used with special consideration flag 
site_typestsitesite_typeMnemonic representation of the integer site type field 
address_2addressaddress_2Line 2 of address which typically includes office, building, or suite number, etc 
statuscontactstatusStatus of contact; i.e., active/inactive/obsolete 
site_alertsitealert_indWhen set to 1, indicates there is an alert related to the site 
cnct_alertcontactalert_indWhen set to 1, indicates there is an alert related to the contact 
bus_org_objidbus_orgobjidBus Org internal record number 
org_idbus_orgorg_idBusiness organization's ID number 
org_namebus_orgnameName of the organization 
org_typebus_orgtypeBusiness type; e.g., competitor, prospect, customer, etc., from a user-defined pop up 
salutationcontactsalutationA form of address; e.g., Mr., Miss, Mrs 
tz_objidtime_zoneobjidInternal record number 
tz_nametime_zonenameTime zone name 
x_no_aliascontactx_no_aliasIs this contact a no alias one? 
x_objid_mastercontactx_objid_masterWhat is the master objid for this alias? 
x_res1sitex_res1Data Restriction field 
x_res2sitex_res2Data Restriction field 
x_res3sitex_res3Data Restriction field 
x_res4sitex_res4Data Restriction field 
x_res5sitex_res5Data Restriction field 


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