Table Name:act_entry
Table Number:21
Group:Customer Mgr
Description:Activity log object which acts as the audit trail of cases, subcases, solutions, parts, sites, employees, part requests and change requests
Field NameCommon TypeDatabase TypeGeneric Field IDArray SizeDefaultFlagsCommentField Used in Views
act_codeLONGint   DIRECT Activity code for the activity log entry; internally assigned with a unique code for each type of activity Search (24)
addnl_infoCHARvarchar 255  Additional information about activity log entry Search (23)
devLONGint151 DIRECT, ALLOW_NULL Row version number for mobile distribution purposes  
entry_timeCLK_TIMEdatetime    Date and time of entry into activity log Search (23)
focus_lowidLONGint   DIRECT, ALLOW_NULL Internal record number of the default drill down object for the event Search (6)
focus_typeLONGsmallint   DIRECT, ALLOW_NULL Object type ID of the default drill down object for the event Search (6)
objidLONGint3  DIRECT Internal record number Search (27)
proxyCHARvarchar 30  Login name of the user that performed the activity on behalf of another user via the Switch User feature  
removedLONGint  DIRECT Contains encoded information used by DWE transport server. Reserved; future  
RelationTypeTarget ObjectInverse RelationCommentFlagsMTM TableUsed in Views
act_entry_child2parentOTOPact_entryact_entry_parent2childFor subcase close, links from the activity log entry on the subcase to the duplicate activity log entry in the parent case    
act_entry_parent2childOTOFact_entryact_entry_child2parentFor subcase close, links from the activity log entry on the parent case to the duplicate activity log entry in the child subcase    
act_entry2biz_cal_hdrMTObiz_cal_hdrbiz_cal_hdr2act_entryActivity log entries for the business calendar. Reserved   Search (1)
act_entry2bugMTObugbug2act_entryActivity log entries for the change request   Search (1)
act_entry2caseMTOcasecase_act2act_entryActivity log entries for the case   Search (5)
act_entry2close_bugOTOFclose_bugclose_bug2act_entryActivity log entry for the change request closure activity    
act_entry2close_caseOTOFclose_caseclose_case2act_entryActivity log entry for the case closure activity    
act_entry2commit_logMTOcommit_logcommit_log2act_entryActivity log entries for the commitment log    
act_entry2contactMTOcontactcontact2act_entryActivity log entries for the contact   Search (1)
act_entry2contr_itmMTOcontr_itmsrvc_itm2act_entryServices authorized by contract for the related case    
act_entry2contractMTOcontractcontr_act2act_entryActivity log entries for the contract   Search (1)
act_entry2count_setupMTOcount_setupsetup2act_entryRelated physical inventory count profile    
act_entry2demand_dtlMTOdemand_dtldemand_dtl2act_entryActivity log entries for the part request detail   Search (1)
act_entry2disptchfeMTOdisptchfedisptchfe2act_entryActivity log entries for the engineer dispatch    
act_entry2doc_instMTOdoc_instdoc_inst2act_entryActivity log entries for the document. Reserved; future    
act_entry2email_logMTOemail_logemail_log2act_entryActivity log entries for the email log   Search (1)
act_entry2employeeMTOemployeeemployee2act_entryActivity log entries for the employee; change to work group or site    
act_entry2escalationMTOescalationescalate2act_entryReserved; obsolete    
act_entry2exch_logOTOPexch_logexch_log2act_entryThe exchange_log which holds additional details about the event   Search (1)
entry2exch_timebombOTMexch_timebombbomb2act_entryRelated exchange time bombs    
act_entry2exchangeMTOexchangeexchange2act_entryActivity log entries for the exchange   Search (1)
act_entry2fix_bugOTOFfix_bugfix_bug2act_entryActivity log entry for the change request fixed activity    
entry_name2gbst_elmMTOgbst_elmact_name2act_entryType of activity log entry from Clarify-defined pop up list   Search (23)
act_entry2jobMTOjobjob_act2act_entryActivity log entries for the job    
act_entry2moduleOTMmodulemodule2act_entryActivity log entries for the code module    
act_entry2notes_logMTOnotes_lognotes_log2act_entryActivity log entries for the notes log entry   Search (1)
act_entry2onsite_logMTOonsite_logonsite_log2act_entryActivity log entries for the T&E summary    
act_entry2opportunityMTOopportunityopp2act_entryActivity log entries for the opportunity   Search (1)
act_entry2part_transMTOpart_transpart_trans2act_entryActivity log entries for the part transaction   Search (1)
fact2participantOTMparticipantparticipant2act_entryParticipants in the fact represented by the act_entry    
act_entry2phone_logMTOphone_logphone_log2act_entryActivity log entries for the phone log entry   Search (4)
act_entry2probdescMTOprobdescprobdesc2act_entryActivity log entries for the solution   Search (1)
act_entry2reject_msgMTOreject_msgreject_act2act_entryActivity log entries for the case, bug, subcase, etc., rejection   Search (1)
act_entry2resrch_logMTOresrch_logresrch_log2act_entryActivity log entries for the research log entry   Search (3)
act_entry2scheduleMTOscheduleschedule2act_entryActivity log entries for changes to the employee or installed part schedule   Search (1)
act_entry2siteMTOsitecust_loc2act_entryActivity log entries for the site   Search (1)
act_entry2site_partMTOsite_partsite_part2act_entryActivity log entries for the installed part   Search (1)
act_entry2status_chgOTOFstatus_chgstatus_chg2act_entryActivity log entry for the CR, case, part request, or subcase status change event    
act_xentry2subcaseOTOFsubcaseaux_subcase2act_entryWhen a subcase is created there is a subcase-create activity log entry in the parent case. This is the entry for the subcase created event    
act_entry2subcaseMTOsubcasesubcase2act_entryActivity log entries for the subcase   Search (4)
act_entry2svc_intrupOTMsvc_intrupsvc_intrup2act_entryReserved; obsolete    
act_entry2taskMTOtasktask2act_entryActivity log entries for the task   Search (1)
act_entry2to_do_entryOTMto_do_entryto_do_entry2act_entryDistribution tasks generated by the event    
act_entry2todoOTMto_do_listto_do2dataReplication request triggered by the activity. Reserved    
act_entry2userMTOuseroriginator2act_entryUser that performed the logged activity   Search (23)
act_entry2workaroundMTOworkaroundworkaround2act_entryActivity log entries for the workaround. Reserved    
Indexes: (Defined in Clarify Schema)
Index NameFieldsFlags
Indexes (Defined in Database):
Index NameFieldsAdditional Information
ae2rl0021act_entry2resrch_lognonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_act_codeact_codenonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry_child2parentact_entry_child2parent, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2bugact_entry2bug, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2caseact_entry2case, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2contactact_entry2contact, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2contr_itmact_entry2contr_itm, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2contractact_entry2contract, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2demand_dtlact_entry2demand_dtl, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2doc_instact_entry2doc_inst, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2exch_logact_entry2exch_log, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2exchangeact_entry2exchange, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2notes_logact_entry2notes_log, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2opportunityact_entry2opportunity, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2part_transact_entry2part_trans, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2phone_logact_entry2phone_log, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2probdescact_entry2probdesc, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2reject_msgact_entry2reject_msg, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2scheduleact_entry2schedule, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2siteact_entry2site, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2site_partact_entry2site_part, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2subcaseact_entry2subcase, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2taskact_entry2task, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2useract_entry2user, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_act_entry2workaroundact_entry2workaround, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_entry_name2gbst_elmentry_name2gbst_elm, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_entry_timeentry_timenonclustered located on PRIMARY
objindexobjidclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
Referenced in Views:
View IDView NameTables
37case_alst act_entry, case, gbst_elm, user
38fnl_alst act_entry, gbst_elm, probdesc, user
39subcase_al act_entry, gbst_elm, gbst_lst, subcase, user
118case2cnvlg act_entry, case, phone_log
119case2rsrch act_entry, case, resrch_log
134entry2clone act_entry, dist_birth, dist_obj, dist_srvr, to_do_entry
175subcase2cnvlg act_entry, phone_log, subcase
176subcase2rsrch act_entry, resrch_log, subcase
187pinst_alst act_entry, gbst_elm, site_part, user
188location_alst act_entry, gbst_elm, site, user
207bug_alst act_entry, bug, gbst_elm, user
277biz_cal_alst act_entry, biz_cal_hdr, gbst_elm, user
278schedule_alst act_entry, gbst_elm, schedule, user
355dtl_alst act_entry, demand_dtl, gbst_elm, user
409part_inst_alst act_entry, gbst_elm, part_inst, part_trans, user
4617fc_gen_alst act_entry, gbst_elm, participant, user
4624fc_acct_notes_view act_entry, gbst_elm, notes_log, participant, user
4625fc_acct_phone_view act_entry, gbst_elm, participant, phone_log, user
4626fc_acct_email_view act_entry, email_log, gbst_elm, participant, user
5042contr_alst act_entry, contract, gbst_elm, user
5045opp_alst act_entry, gbst_elm, opportunity, user
5070contact_alst act_entry, contact, gbst_elm, user
5089task_alst act_entry, gbst_elm, task, user
5161exch_alst act_entry, exch_log, exchange, gbst_elm, user
5289gen_alst act_entry, gbst_elm, participant, user
5308case_reject_msg act_entry, case, reject_msg, user
5328act_view act_entry, gbst_elm, user
5364subc_alst act_entry, case, gbst_elm, gbst_lst, subcase, user
5706act_vw act_entry, gbst_elm, user
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