Table Name:site
Table Number:52
Group:Customer Mgr
Description:A facility or location where business activities occur and parts are located
Field NameCommon TypeDatabase TypeGeneric Field IDArray SizeDefaultFlagsCommentField Used in Views
alert_indLONGtinyint   DIRECT When set to 1, indicates there is an alert related to the site Search (3)
appl_typeCHARvarchar 40  Type of application site uses an installed part for; used in service interuption report. From user-defined pop up with default name PRIMARY_USE  
arch_indLONGint   DIRECT, ALLOW_NULL When set to 1, indicates the object is ready for purge/archive  
blg_evt_gen_stsLONGint  DIRECT, ALLOW_NULL Billing event status;0=No event necessary or event already sent, 1=create event pending, 2=update event pending;Default=0  
contr_loginCHARvarchar 80  Reserved; not used Search (1)
contr_passwdCHARvarchar 80  Reserved; not used Search (1)
cut_dateCLK_TIMEdatetime    Date/time when site started use of the installed part; used in service interuption report  
depotCHARvarchar 80  Reserved; not used Search (1)
devLONGint151 DIRECT, ALLOW_NULL Row version number for mobile distribution purposes  
districtCHARvarchar 80  District to which the site belongs Search (16)
external_idCHARvarchar 80  Reserved; not used  
faxCHARvarchar 20  Main fax number Search (2)
industry_typeCHARvarchar 40  Type of industry the site is in. This is a user-defined popup with name INDUSTRY_TYPE  
is_defaultLONGint22 DIRECT Determines if site is default site  
is_supportLONGint   DIRECT Reserved; not used  
logistics_typeLONGint   DIRECT Reserved; not used  
mdbkCHARvarchar2580  Reserved; not used Search (1)
nameCHARvarchar 80  Name of the site Search (86)
notesCHARvarchar 255  Site notes used with special consideration flag Search (3)
objidLONGint3  DIRECT Internal record number Search (85)
phoneCHARvarchar 20  Main phone number Search (2)
regionCHARvarchar 80  Region to which the site belongs Search (17)
ship_viaCHARvarchar 80  Default means of shipment for the site. This is from a Clarify-defined popup list with default name SHIP_VIA Search (2)
site_idCHARvarchar 80  Unique site number assigned according to auto-numbering definition Search (71)
site_typeCHARvarchar 4  Mnemonic representation of the integer site type field Search (14)
spec_considLONGint   DIRECT Check box which, when checked, specifies that site information is to be displayed automatically when new case is created Search (3)
state_codeLONGint26  DIRECT Reserved; not used  
state_valueCHARvarchar2720  Reserved; not used  
statusLONGint  DIRECT Status of site; i.e., 0=active, 1=inactive, 2=obsolete, default=0 Search (14)
typeLONGint  DIRECT Site type; i.e., 1=BUSINESS, 2=OFFICE, 3=RESELLER, 4=INDIVIDUAL, 5=VENDOR Search (15)
update_stampCLK_TIMEdatetime46  ALLOW_NULL Date/time of last update to the site  
x_marked_byLONGint   USER_DEFINED Which user (objid) marked this alias?  
x_no_aliasLONGint   USER_DEFINED If set to 1, this site cannot become an alias. If set to 0 (default), it can. Search (1)
x_objid_masterLONGint   USER_DEFINED Objid of master site for this site. Indicates that this site is an alias for the master site. Search (1)
x_res1CHARvarchar 20 USER_DEFINED Restriction field Search (13)
x_res2CHARvarchar 20 USER_DEFINED Restriction field Search (13)
x_res3CHARvarchar 20 USER_DEFINED Restriction field Search (13)
x_res4CHARvarchar 20 USER_DEFINED Restriction field Search (13)
x_res5CHARvarchar 20 USER_DEFINED Restriction field Search (13)
RelationTypeTarget ObjectInverse RelationCommentFlagsMTM TableUsed in ViewsSet NameType ID Stored inObjid Stored In
 Exclusive Set Relations
cust_loc2acd_callOTMacd_callacd_call_site2siteRelated ACD calls; phone calls from a site       
cust_loc2act_entryOTMact_entryact_entry2siteRelated activity log entries for the site       
cust_primaddr2addressMTOaddressprimary_addr2siteSite primary address   Search (42)   
cust_billaddr2addressMTOaddressbill_addr2siteSite billing address   Search (1)   
cust_shipaddr2addressMTOaddressship_addr2siteSite shipping address   Search (1)   
site2alertOTMalertalert2siteAlerts for the site       
site2ana_scoreOTMana_scoreana_score2siteScore for a site    score_for key_type key_objid 
site2ana_score_aOTMana_score_aana_score_a2siteScore for a site    score_for key_type key_objid 
site2ana_score_bOTMana_score_bana_score_b2siteScore for a site    score_for key_type key_objid 
site2asaf_resultOTOFasaf_resultasaf_result2siteReserved; option       
site2biz_cal_hdrOTMbiz_cal_hdrbiz_cal_hdr2siteBusiness calendars related to the site       
primary_site2blg_argmntOTMblg_argmntprimary_blg_argmnt2sitePrimary billing arrangement of a site       
report_site2bugMTObugbug_reporter2siteReserved; not used       
primary2bus_orgMTObus_orgprimary_org2siteOrganization which owns the site REQUIRED  Search (10)   
primary_site2bus_orgOTOFbus_orgprimary2siteOrganization' primary site       
site2bus_site_roleOTMbus_site_rolebus_site_role2siteAssociated business organizations for the site       
site2c_site_roleOTMc_site_rolec_site_role2siteRelated contract item roles for the site       
seller2caseOTMcasecase_distr2siteCases for which the site is a reseller       
cust_loc2caseOTMcasecase_reporter2siteCases reported from the site       
site2cc_contactMTMcontactcontact_cc2siteContacts who will be automatically CC-ed on email logs for cases and subcases for this site. USER_DEFINED mtm_contact50_
site2contact_roleOTMcontact_rolecontact_role2siteContract roles for the site       
quoted_at2contr_itmOTMcontr_itmquoted_at2siteContract or quote items which are quoted at the site       
covered_by2contr_itmOTMcontr_itmcovered_by2siteFor site service coverage, contract or quote items which cover the site       
bill_site2contr_scheduleOTMcontr_schedulebill_to2siteContract schedules for which the site is billed       
ship_site2contr_scheduleOTMcontr_scheduleship_to2siteContract schedules which the site is the ship-to site       
cust_loc2contractMTMcontractcontract2siteContracts related to the site. Valid only for Contract Manager  mtm_site5_
site2demand_hdrOTMdemand_hdropen_reqst2siteRelated inventory requests destined for the site       
bill_site2demand_hdrOTMdemand_hdrbill_reqst2siteRelated inventory requests billed to the site       
site_attch2doc_instOTMdoc_instdoc_inst2siteDocuments related to the site       
site2e_addrOTMe_addreaddr2siteElectronic addresses for the site       
support_off2employeeOTMemployeesupp_person_off2siteEmployees for whom the site is the home office       
site_support2employeeMTOemployeesupp_person2sitePrimary support person for the site   Search (1)   
site_altsupp2employeeMTOemployeealtsupp_person2siteAlternate support person for the site       
site2exc_sit_roleOTMexc_sit_roleexc_sit_role2siteExchange roles for the site       
site2exch_protocolMTOexch_protocolexch_protocol2siteExchange protocols used for the site       
partner2exchangeOTMexchangepartner2siteRelated service exchanges       
site2fc_license_keyOTMfc_license_keyfc_license_key2site USER_DEFINED      
site2interactOTMinteractinteract2siteInteractions for this site USER_DEFINED      
site2inv_locatnOTMinv_locatninv_locatn2siteReserved; not used       
site2inv_roleOTMinv_roleinv_role2siteInventory location role for the site       
site2notes_logOTMnotes_logsite_notes2site USER_DEFINED      
site2order_actionOTMorder_actionorder_action2siteOrder action which will install a part at the site       
site2order_shippingOTMorder_shippingorder_shipping2siteOrder shipped to a site       
site2part_numOTMpart_numpart_num2siteGeneric parts for which the site is the OEM. Reserved; future       
site2per_site_roleOTMper_site_roleper_site_role2sitePerson roles for the site       
cust_loc2phoneOTMphonephone2siteModems related to the site       
site2price_progOTMprice_progprice_prog2sitePrice programs owned by the site       
h_prd_lst2productbinOTMproductbinprdbin2siteSite configuration product bins at the site       
prd_lst2productbinOTMproductbindirect_prdbin2siteTop-level product bins at the site       
site2quick_quoteOTMquick_quoteq_quote2siteQuick quotes for the site       
site2scr_runOTMscr_runscr_run2siteScript runs initiated by the site       
carrier2ship_partsOTMship_partscarrier2vendorShipments carried by the vendor       
site2shp_sit_roleOTMshp_sit_roleshp_role2siteShip_parts roles for the site       
site2sit_csc_roleOTMsit_csc_rolecsc_role2siteContract schedule roles for the site       
site2sit_prt_roleOTMsit_prt_roleprt_role2siteSite_part roles for the site       
parent_site2siteOTMsitechild_site2siteSites which report to the current site       
child_site2siteMTOsiteparent_site2siteParent site of the site   Search (3)   
site_suppoff2siteOTMsitesupport_office2siteSites for which the current site is the support office       
support_office2siteMTOsitesite_suppoff2siteSupport office site of the site       
alias2siteMTOsitesite2alias USER_DEFINED      
site2aliasOTMsitealias2site USER_DEFINED      
site2site_addr_roleOTMsite_addr_rolesite_addr_role2siteAdditional addresses for the site       
site2site_ba_roleOTMsite_ba_rolesite_ba_role2siteBilling arrangement roles for a site       
site2all_site_partOTMsite_partall_site_part2siteAll parts installed or located at the site       
customer2site_partOTMsite_partsite_part2siteRelated installed parts; viewable from site configuration manager form or installed parts forms. The relation is only to the top level installed part of a configuration       
site2trans_recordOTMtrans_recordtrans_record2siteRelated extract data for the site       
site2vendor_partOTMvendor_partvendor_part2siteRoles played by the site for vendor parts       
site2workgroupOTMworkgroupworkgroup2siteRelated workgroup (if used - workgroup may not be site related) USER_DEFINED      
Indexes: (Defined in Clarify Schema)
Index NameFieldsFlags
Indexes (Defined in Database):
Index NameFieldsAdditional Information
alias_s_indexalias2sitenonclustered located on PRIMARY
id_indexsite_idnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_child_site2sitechild_site2site, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_cust_primaddr2addresscust_primaddr2addressnonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_is_defaultis_default, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_site_namenamenonclustered located on PRIMARY
ind_typetype, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
ind_update_stampupdate_stamp, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
objindexobjidclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
p2bo0052primary2bus_org, objidnonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY
Referenced in Views:
View IDView NameTables
3ship_sum condition, demand_dtl, gbst_elm, ship_dtl, ship_parts, site
55empl_user address, country, employee, site, user
56wipelm_case case, condition, gbst_elm, site, user, wipbin, workaround
57wipelm_subcase condition, gbst_elm, site, subcase, user, wipbin
59queelm_case case, condition, gbst_elm, queue, site, user, workaround
60queelm_subcase condition, gbst_elm, queue, site, subcase, user
71tr_filter_view address, case, country, site, trans_record
88site_view address, bus_org, country, site
104contr_to_cont contact, contract, site
106alert2objects alert, contact, contract, site, user
107loc_to_sub address, site
113slv_contct address, country, employee, site
116cls_case_view case, condition, contact, employee, site, user, wipbin
148extactcase case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site
149intactcase case, condition, employee, gbst_elm, site
166cls_sub_view case, condition, contact, employee, site, subcase, user, wipbin
167cls_dfe_view case, condition, contact, disptchfe, employee, site, user, wipbin
186acd_case_view case, site, user
188location_alst act_entry, gbst_elm, site, user
189v_cls_case case, condition, contact, site
190v_cls_subc case, condition, contact, site, subcase
191v_cls_dfe case, condition, contact, disptchfe, site
208qry_case_view case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site, user
248qry_subcase_view condition, contact, gbst_elm, site, subcase, user
254acct_team bus_empl_role, bus_org, employee, site, user
289rol_contct address, bus_org, contact, contact_role, country, site, time_zone
293site_svc_appt appointment, gbst_elm, schedule, site, site_part
297asaf_user_site asaf_result, site, user
298empl_view employee, site, user
303cas_secure case, contact, contact_role, site
304addrsitepmhpml address, mod_level, part_num, site, site_part
342get_child_site address, site
396appt_empl_user address, employee, site, user
397sit_prt_view inv_bin, inv_locatn, inv_role, mod_level, part_inst, part_num, site
407locatn_view address, inv_locatn, inv_role, site
4608interact_site contact, interact, site
4612pr_hdr_site demand_hdr, site
4615fc_case_view bus_org, bus_site_role, case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site, user
4616fc_contract_view bus_org, bus_site_role, contract, site
4618fc_site_part_view bus_org, bus_site_role, mod_level, part_num, site, site_part
4619fc_bug_view bug, bus_org, bus_site_role, case, gbst_elm, mod_level, part_num, probdesc, site, workaround
4623fc_acct_site_view address, bus_org, bus_site_role, country, site
4631fc_cm_contact contact, contact_role, contract, site
4632fc_cm_site contract, site
4650fc_user_case_view case, condition, contact, employee, gbst_elm, queue, site, user, wipbin, workaround
4651fc_user_subcase_view case, condition, contact, employee, gbst_elm, queue, site, subcase, user, wipbin
5031acct_site_view address, bus_site_role, country, site
5063contr_sp_chk condition, contr_itm, contr_schedule, contract, mod_level, site, site_part
5064sched_sit_rol contr_schedule, sit_csc_role, site
5065contract_itm_lst contr_itm, contr_schedule, mod_level, part_num, price_inst, purchase_ord, site, site_part
5066c_schedule_view contr_schedule, contract, price_prog, site
5074qq_con_site contact, contact_role, quick_quote, site
5097c_install_part mod_level, part_num, site, site_part
5098bus_site_ind bus_org, bus_site_role, industry, site
5100svc_part_view mod_level, part_num, sit_prt_role, site, site_part
5109ccn_bill_view bus_org, condition, contr_schedule, contract, currency, site, user
5143sp_role_sp address, mod_level, part_num, prt_prt_role, site, site_part
5144victimcase case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site
5145supercasev case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site
5170qry_scasev case, contact, gbst_elm, site, user
5177countlocbin count_setup, inv_bin, inv_locatn, inv_role, site
5182site_svc_itm condition, contr_itm, contr_schedule, contract, site
5193contrconsite address, contact, contact_role, contract, country, site
5194demand_site demand_dtl, demand_hdr, gbst_elm, mod_level, part_num, site
5199exch_site_v exchange, site
5217ccc_rundsply bug, bus_org, campaign, case, contact, contr_itm, contract, demand_dtl, employee, lead_source, opportunity, probdesc, scr_run, site, site_part, subcase, task
5276view_vpt mod_level, part_num, site, vendor_part
5277view_vpt_price mod_level, price_inst, price_prog, price_qty, site, vendor_part
5279container_v inv_bin, inv_locatn, inv_role, site
5291site2case_view case, site, wipbin
5298spart_site_srole sit_prt_role, site, site_part
5331v_inv_locatn inv_locatn, inv_role, site
5338case_display case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site
5340sfaacctsite address, bus_org, bus_site_role, country, site
5374cnt_weblst address, contact, contact_role, country, site, web_user
5375cnt_lst address, contact, contact_role, country, site
5462wap_case_info address, case, condition, contact, contract, employee, gbst_elm, queue, site, site_part, user, wipbin
5463contact_web address, contact, contact_role, country, site, web_user
5475role_contact address, bus_org, contact, contact_role, country, site
5482acct_sites_view address, bus_org, bus_site_role, country, site
5550site_view_zone address, bus_org, country, site, time_zone
5647site_view2 address, bus_org, country, site
5651svc_part_view2 mod_level, part_num, site, site_part
5652addrsitepmhpml2 mod_level, part_num, site, site_part
5680case_list case, condition, contact, gbst_elm, site, user
5685cm_contact contact, contact_role, contract, site
5690site_view_more address, bus_org, country, site, time_zone
5707sfa_site_dtl_vw address, bus_org, bus_site_role, country, site, time_zone
5713busorg_site_addr_vw address, bus_org, bus_org_extern, country, site, state_prov
5728bus_org_ext_vw bus_org, bus_org_extern, site
5731vw_case_billing blg_argmnt, case, condition, contact, fin_accnt, gbst_elm, pay_channel, site
5734vw_addrsitepmhpml address, mod_level, part_num, site, site_part
5737sit_rol_contact bus_org, contact, contact_role, site
5738sp_rol_site_rol_contact con_sp_role, contact, contact_role, site, site_part
5739case_overview address, case, condition, contact, contact_role, contract, country, gbst_elm, mod_level, queue, site, site_part, user, workaround
5740case_more_info address, case, condition, contact, country, gbst_elm, queue, site, user, wipbin
5743busorg_bussite_vw bus_org, bus_org_extern, bus_site_role, site
5745sitepart_address_vw address, site, site_part, site_part_extern
5747prmry_busorg_site_addr address, bus_org, bus_org_extern, country, site, state_prov
5795site_contact_view address, contact, contact_role, country, site
5796order_shipping_view address, contact, contract, country, order_action, order_shipping, site
5828bar_rel_prim_addr_v address, blg_argmnt, bus_org, country, e_addr, fin_accnt, site, state_prov, time_zone
5835sr_blg_argmnt_view blg_argmnt, site, site_ba_role
5850fc_rol_contct address, bus_org, contact, contact_role, country, rollup, site
6017schdl_tracker_sub_v1 address, appointment, employee, hgsl2hgse, site, user
6018schdl_tracker_sub_v2 address, case, disptchfe, employee, hgsl2hgse, queue, site, user, wipbin
6019schdl_tracker_sub_v3 address, disptchfe, employee, hgsl2hgse, queue, site, subcase, user, wipbin
6020schdl_tracker_sub_v4 address, disptchfe, employee, hgsl2hgse, queue, site, user
6021schdl_tracker_sub_v5 address, disptchfe, employee, hgsl2hgse, queue, site, user
6022schdl_tracker_sub_v6 address, appointment, employee, hgsl2hgse, site, user
6052v_cls_subc2 contact, site, subcase
6055order_shipping_vw address, contract, country, order_action, order_shipping, site
6066contr_itm_lst_vw contr_itm, contr_schedule, contract, currency, mod_level, part_num, price_inst, purchase_ord, site, site_part
6070contact_list address, contact, contact_role, country, site
6073rol_contct_v bus_org, contact, contact_role, site
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